Abide with Us - Live Recording
Lydia Ingegneri

Who: Lydia Ingegneri is a Worship Pastor and Co-Pastor (together with her husband Scott) of a thriving multi-site church in Phoenix, Arizona. Both Lydia and Scott have a passion for the local church and for worship. The Ingegneri’s are songwriters with The Rain Collective, in partnership with Integrity Music. The songs that have been written for this album are powerful and anointed and have been well received in the local church as well as conferences and retreats. 

This project is a live recording featuring worship artist Lydia Ingegneri. It will be produced by Michael Farren, Integrity songwriter, producer, and artist and filmed by a professional film crew.  

NOTE: By pre-ordering a CD and/or giving beyond the amounts previously mentioned, you can help us cover the costs of recording which includes paying a producer, studio musicians, mastering, artwork, printing CD's and mailing them out to you!  Essentially, you're just giving the money now to get a product that you would have paid the same amount to get later.  

Lydia's Story: Lydia has been singing since she came out of the womb. She was a twin but her twin died in utero. The doctors told her parent's to abort her, as the risk was too high. Lydia's Norwegian mom rose up in defiance and refused to follow doctors’ orders.  Instead, she prayed and believed in faith that her baby would live. For the remainder of the pregnancy, Lydia’s mom sang over her and declared that Lydia would be a worshipper. 

Growing up everything was a microphone to Lydia! As a young girl, she was always singing and her voice developed with power and strength. Her powerful voice has impacted many. Lydia has used her gift in choirs in both the United States and Norway, in the studio, singing with Pocket Full of Rocks as a young woman, in the church, and beyond. 

In 2001 Lydia met Scott Ingegneri, a musician and worship pastor in Phoenix, AZ. They married in 2003 and together have been honored and blessed to use their musical gifts to lead worship across the globe. 

Scott and Lydia have 4 children that love to sing and are very musical as well. Within the last year Lydia has sung the National Anthem for the Arizona Diamondbacks. She also sang at the lighting of the tallest Christmas tree in the United States with over 30,000 in attendance. She continues to lead worship at her church, and for conferences and retreat.  Both Scott and Lydia continue to write songs in the Phoenix area and regularly in Nashville.

How the Money Will Be Used: This album will be produced by Michael Farren, Integrity songwriter, producer and artist. He has written songs such as "Let it Rain" and many other songs that have been sung in churches across the globe. Michael will be using a professional band that have a love for the Lord and heart for the church. These professional musicians are highly skilled in both studio and live settings. 

Today's society is very visual. The price of this campaign will also include a professional film crew to capture the recording of these songs. 

How Soon Are Funds Needed: Our goal is to have full funding for this project within 45 days and a complete project within a year. The live recording will take place a few months after funding is complete.  Due to travel and tour schedules it takes time to coordinate the schedules of the producer, musicians, film crew, as well as acquiring the location of the live recording. 

Why This Means So Much: Since she was a young girl Lydia has been asked when she would release an album. It has always been a dream but the timing never felt quite right, until now! Scott and Lydia are very confident this is the right time for this album.  The depth of the songs, as well as the partnership with All About Worship and Integrity Music combined with the skills of Michael Farren and all the professionals involved, is a set up for success and the fulfillment of this God-given dream. This truly is more than just a dream. We are convinced it is a deep blessing and resource from the church, for the church!

Thank You: Scott and I, together with our entire family, continue to be so incredibly amazed at your support.  We have been championed and encouraged by so many through words of life, prayer, and people’s willingness to support us. We are honored that you would partner with us for this dream to become a reality. A reality that we believe will reach many around the globe!