Young Adult Internship Opportunities

AWAKEN internship for young adults 18 - 25 years, is a revolutionary encounter with God that will change your life forever.  AWAKEN invites young adults with heart and passion to pursue a spirit-filled life of purpose and ministry.  Imagine what God can do in eleven months as you focus on Him.



EXPERIENCE AWAKEN. AWAKEN Internship is a revolutionary ENCOUNTER WITH GOD that will change your LIFE forever.  AWAKEN invites young adults with a HEART and PASSION to pursue a SPIRIT filled LIFE of PURPOSE and MINISTRY.  Imagine what God can do in eleven months…

AWAKEN students can expect to EXPERIENCE God’s PURPOSE for their MINISTRY, CHARACTER, and RELATIONSHIPS. Awaken is a full-time ENCOUNTER WITH GOD where students are immersed into three pools of learning: HANDS-ON MINISTRY TRAINING, CURRICULAR STUDIES, and PERSONAL DISCIPLINE. As a member of the Emerging Leader Network, AWAKEN students are given the opportunity to earn college credits through Life Pacific College.

AWAKEN is called to train young MINISTRY leaders to develop a LIFESTYLE of faithful and fruitful service in local church settings and in marketplaces around the world. This focus on the local church prepares you to be an effective, life-long minister wherever God calls you.

AWAKEN is about EXPERIENCE and TRANSFORMATION.  AWAKEN will give you more than classroom learning. In this eleven month ENCOUNTER WITH GOD you will gain MINISTRY and leadership experience as God transforms your HEART, your LIFESTYLE, and your RELATIONSHIPS.

AWAKEN is a MINISTRY of Grace North Foursquare Church. Grace North is a multicultural and multigenerational congregation with a vibrant family friendly atmosphere. High emphasis is placed on the areas of discipleship and equipping all generations to serve God with their whole LIFE. Grace North is committed to excellence in all MINISTRY areas and offers students a rich learning EXPERIENCE in our exceptional Worship, Visual Arts, Family, Youth, and Children's Ministries.

Grace North Staff Pastors take an active role in the training and mentoring of all AWAKEN students. Mentors and coaches partner with students to develop the leader within and discover the “God Said” for their LIFE and MINISTRY. The people of Grace North are “People of PURPOSE Marking His Course for LIFE”.


Fall Start Date: September 7th / Fall Application Due Date: August 19th

Winter Start Date: January 11th (2017) / Winter Application Due Date: December 16th (2016)

Summer Start Date: May 24th / Summer Application Due Date: May 15th