As the founding pastor of Grace North Church, Marion says, “opening the doors of this amazing church is one of the most exciting assignments I have ever responded to.”  Marion served as senior pastor from 2003 to 2011 at which time she passed the baton of leadership to her son, Pastor Scott Ingegneri. On June 4, 2017, Marion resumed the lead role of the network of Grace North churches. During the years between 2011 and 2017, she led the efforts of establishing Grace North into multiple regions. 

Marion Ingegneri takes her calling seriously, presenting messages and living life in a way that challenges people to respond to God. Her visionary insight opens hearts and creates a readiness for the Holy Spirit. Of great importance to Marion is to hear and execute what the Lord is saying.  This value is evident in the strong discipleship processes that are at the core of her ministry efforts.

Her leadership encourages a global impact with ministry travels to Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Panama, and South Africa. She is known for her prophetic ministry and calling to release others to their God-given purposes in life.  

Marion is the author, executive producer, and primary presenter of a video series entitled, Unlocking the Gifts in You.  She is also the executive producer of a video series addressing the topic of women in ministry leadership.  

Marion serves the Foursquare Church in a number of capacities. Her current areas of service with the Foursquare Church include her influence to women serving in ministry leadership, board member of the Foursquare Foundation, and also as a council member in the Pacific Southwest District of Foursquare churches. For five years, she served the  U.S. Foursquare Church as the vice-chair of the board of directors (2011-2016). 

Marion is a lifelong learner.  She graduated in May 2015 from LIFE Pacific College with a master of arts in strategic leadership. She is a certified coach through LIFE Forming Leadership Coaching and was personally trained by the founder, Dr. Joseph Umidi of Regent University and a certified trainer of leaders through Personal Leadership Development under the directive of Dr. Ron Jenson. America's Life Coach.  Additionally, Marion is a certified trainer in the gifts ministry associated with Don and Katie Fortune, authors of the Discover Your God-Given Gifts books. 

Her radical conversion to Christ in 1971 was followed by her marriage to Joe in 1972.  Joe is also an ordained minister and according to Marion “one of her biggest supporters in ministry.”  They have three married children and ten grandchildren.  Their family is fully dedicated to the Lord and all are involved in Grace North Church. 


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