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Lord, we pray for......

Israel, USA, Iran, Cambodia, India, Kazakhstan, Ireland

Russia, Mozambique, Romania, Mexico, South Africa, Armenia, Syria 

Malawi, China, Sudan, Scotland, Japan, Germany, Zimbabwe

Don't miss our All-Church Encounter on Sunday, January 28 in Anthem! 

Simple supper at 5:00 pm, Service at 6 pm. 

What is this?  Every January the pastors, staff and many church members of Grace North begin the new year with a 21 day fast.  

Why do we fast?  As a church we set time aside to seek the Lord and pray in unity for what is on His heart.  

Should I participate?  Do I have to give up food for 21 days?  Please prayerfully consider joining us.  Fasting does not mean giving up all food for 21 days!  Most importantly, ask God to reveal what He may be asking you to fast.  

Besides food/sugar/caffeine, other areas you may consider fasting are social media, gaming, TV, and movies (with exceptions made for school and work.)

When is the fast?  Our fast begins January 7th @ 5:30 pm and ends January 27th @ 5:30 pm

Our focus:  'The Nations'

“Ask of Me…and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, the ends of the earth for your possession.”  Psalms 2:8

The nations are on the heart of God.  His desire is to see a great harvest of souls, to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke.  (Isaiah 58:6)

During our 21 day fast, we will receive a daily communique to help us remain focused and unified.  It will include a focused prayer for a specific nation with prayer points, quick facts and a link for more information on that particular country.

 Please check your emails and Grace North calendar for corporate prayer meetings during our fast.

No matter how young or old, everyone is encouraged to participate as the Holy Spirit leads as we press into the heart of God for the nations!

As we ask God to release His power into the nations, we are praying with the following beliefs:

  • The revealing of God’s heart

  • The manifestation of God’s truth, glory, presence, power, & love around the globe

  • The redemption of the land for God’s original intent and plan to come forth

  • A great spiritual awakening and revelation of the one true God

  • The increase of anointing, faith, favor, & finances for the advancement of the kingdom of God

  • Souls to be added to the church

  • The release and deliverance from bondages of sin and darkness

  • Revival fire to be ignited

  • Unity in the church

  • Reconciliation

  • Healing