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A Life Group is a place where you can meet new friends, learn God’s Word, and live in community with others.

There are a variety of meeting places and people in various stages of life so one is sure to fit. This monthly connection combined with the caring nature of the groups offers environments to build relationships. 

  • In a life group, you will discover that many other people go through the same struggles and you do not have to do life alone.

  • In a life group, you will discover that serving together is not only missional, but fun.

  • In a life group, you will discover the stories behind the faces of the people you worship with on Sunday mornings.


  • How do I get in a life group? Email below for more info.

  • When do life groups meet? Each life group meets at least once a month in five month blocks with summers off. Each group leader sets group schedules. Check the calendar for your specific campus to view times and locations in a given month.

  • What about my kids? Most life groups are family friendly and each group makes specific plans regarding how children are involved in the group. E-mail to discover which group may best fit your family profile.

  • What is the real purpose of a life group? The two key words are "care and connect". It is our desire to make sure every person, who calls Grace North his or her home, is well-cared for. This cannot happen if the only connection is a Sunday morning service. As such, we strongly desire to connect each individual and household to meaningful relationships in the church, ministry opportunities, and the discipleship process available at Grace North Church.

Email: lifegroups@gracenorth.com for more information.